We Were Not Born to be Defeated by this Day!

Leading & Empowering Military Veterans to Choose Life & Become Examples of Success in our Community

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MISSION: To lead & Empower Military Veterans to Choose Life

VISION: For every Veteran Leader in our organization to be known as a loyal and passionate member of the community while living a life that promotes success and brings light to those in the darkness.

CORE VALUES: We are Mighty Warriors with the heart of a LION! Lions stay in pursuit of what is needed to bring success to their pride and their kingdom: 

L - Love

I - Integrity

O - Optimism

N - Never Quit/Never Surrender

OpShock Raw Interviews

Mike Montiel, US Army


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Jeff James, Family Member


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Norm Griffin, US Army


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Brian Gallagher, Army Veteran, OpShock Veteran Leader


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CaS Facciponti, Army Veteran, OpShock Veteran Leadership Trainer


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Ken, Laurie & James Jones, Family of OpShock Founder, Andrew Jones


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I CAN, I WILL, I MUST, take my life to the next level!!!

Shaun Wheelwright, US Army


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Lani Ballard, US Army


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James Anderson, US Navy


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Chelsea Jones, Wife of OpShock Founder, Andrew Jones


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Alexandre Gibson, Marine Corps Veteran


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Jordan & Janaya Miller, Army Veteran and Spouse


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