Our Story

Who are we and where did we come from?

Operation Shockwave was born out of a passion to bring a message of light and hope to a veteran community struggling in the darkness.  

We are led by Marine Corps combat veteran, AZ Veterans Hall of Fame Class of 2017 and Best-selling Author of Healing the Warrior Heart, Andrew Jones. Andrew returned home from Iraq in late 2003 after participating in the initial Shock & Awe campaign with the 1st Marine Division as an 0351 (Anti-Tank Assaultman) with Fox Co 2/23. He immediately began having nightmares of his experiences in combat and began down a dark path of destruction, leading to alcoholism. addiction, homelessness and extreme suicidal behavior.  

In 2011, Andrew began to seek out ways of overcoming the battles he faced with PTSD, TBI, depression, anxiety and rage.  In 2013, he turned his life over to Jesus and says, "I decided to apply my Marine Corps mentality to achieving joy and success in my life." He hasn't looked back since.  After proudly serving as the Veteran Outreach Coordinator for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention AZ, a Fellowship with The Mission Continues and time as the Program Director for The Ripple Effect - Helping Veterans and Families HEAL, Andrew rounded up an incredible core of passionate people and took a leap of faith at starting Operation Shockwave.

With the core mission of preventing suicide in the veteran community, Operation Shockwave presses forward in leading and empowering veterans to choose life and become examples of success in our community.  We operate out of a foundational belief that life is beautiful and can be experienced to the fullest, no matter what a person has experienced or done.  If they are willing to make the choice today to move forward, we are here to lead and empower them in the process.  

We firmly believe that military veterans possess a level of leadership and dedication not found in our general society and we want our veterans to rise up as leaders in the community to be an example of what true loyalty, integrity, optimism and a never quit mentality looks like.

We are veterans, but we have a desire to engage in our community in any way we can.  No more separation of veterans and civilians.  We are stronger together, better together and we must come together to encourage one another to live the fullest lives possible.  

We stay strong, we stay motivated and we will always press forward with love in our heart and a fire in our soul. We were not born to be defeated by this day.  

Support Our Mission

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