Our Mission

To prevent suicide by leading and empowering veterans to choose life and become examples of success in our community

We are a Tax Exempt 501c3 Non-profit organization and we operate not out of a hatred for suicide in our veteran community, but out of a foundational belief that life is beautiful and our veterans and their families should be experiencing all aspects of it with joy and enthusiasm. 

Our Vision

To positively impact our community in a way that brings a powerful shockwave of life

Through our community outreach and mentor programs we believe we will bring light and much needed hope to a community being plagued with despair and suicide. Through our stories and experiences with one another, we will show it is possible to overcome the enemy of PTSD, depression, anxiety and more and we will be examples of success to our community.  

Our Founder/CEO

Andrew Jones, US Marine Corps

Andrew served in the Marine Corps Infantry from '99-'06 and deployed to Iraq in '03 as part of the 1st Marine Division. He was inducted into the AZ Veteran's Hall of Fame Class of 2017 and is the Author of the Best-Selling book Healing the Warrior Heart.  He is a member of Love Life Church and runs a Men's Life Group to encourage other men in their lives with God's word. Andrew founded Operation Shockwave in September 2017 with the mission to assist other veterans in overcoming the darkness just as he did in the years after coming home from war.  

Our Trainers

Sande Roberts, MA (Suicide Prevention/Crisis Intervention Trainer)

Sande Roberts is a Certified Suicide Prevention Trainer of Trainers with over 25 years of experience in the Crisis Intervention Field.  She teaches Psychology at Phoenix College and is the Author of We Need To Talk About Suicide

CaS Facciponti, US Army Maj Ret. (Veteran Leadership Trainer)

Cas served in the Army as an MP and retired as a Major after sustaining injuries during a combat tour in Afghanistan. She is West Point Alumni and also worked for the Pentagon and ran security for the NBA.  CaS has overcome many personal struggles with PTSD and brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to our team. 

Our Board

Tim Araiza (Marine Corps Son), President

Jason Moon (US Army), Vice President

Christine Payseno (Army Mom), Treasurer/Resource Manager

Judy Mellody (Army Mom), Secretary

Our Veteran Leaders

Leroy Sanders, US Army

Charlie Class 2017

Kalen Arreola, US Army

Alpha Class 2017

Bryan Barrow, US Marine Corps

Alpha Class 2017

Jenna Rohr-Pursley, US Army

Bravo Class 2017

Talitha Porter, US Army

Alpha Class 2017

Brian Gallagher, US Army

Alpha Class 2018

Site Content

Tim Rogers, US Army

Alpha Class 2018

Jenifer Allen, US Air Force

Alpha Class 2018

Mike Montiel, US Army

Alpha Class 2018

James Anderson, US Navy

Alpha Class 2018