About Us

Operation Shockwave operates out of the East Valley Veteran's Education Center in Tempe, AZ and provides services to all military service members and veterans in the Maricopa and Pinal County, AZ.


Created out of the passion to assist our nation's warriors with becoming successful in all aspects of life, including: Faith, Family and Community. The epidemic of suicide has found itself on the forefront of many movements, but the country is still scrambling to find a way to effectively combat the issue.


Operation Shockwave is led by a Marine Corps combat veteran who understands the tactics used on the battlefield and finds ways to utilize those same tactics here at home. PTSD, depression, anxiety, guilt, shame, rage, addiction, etc are all referred to as the enemy; and there is no reason this enemy cannot be defeated by using the same tactics and strategies that allows our warriors to be victorious on the battlefield. 

Our programs are designed to bring the familiarity of military culture, and traditions to veterans so they may be successful in the battles they fight in everyday life. Participants in the programs of Operation Shockwave are guided to rediscover their identity, find a mission, become proficient with various therapeutic modalities, know who their active support is, and to understand the enemy attacking their mind. 

We will stay strong, stay motivated and we will move ALWAYS FORWARD, NEVER BACK! 

If you are interested in learning about our Volunteer Opportunities whether you are a veteran or civilian, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Chris Payseno at cpayseno@operationshockwave.org

Meet The Team

Andrew R. Jones, US Marine Corps - Founder/CEO

Sande Roberts, MA - Youth Coordinator, Suicide Prevention Trainer

Cassandra V. Facciponti, US Army (Major, ret) - Veteran Leadership Trainer

Kalen Arreola, US Army (Captain, ret) - Veteran Leader

Leroy Sanders, US Army - Veteran Leader

Bob Howard - US Army (Vietnam) - Veteran Leader


Jenna Rohr-Pursley, US Army - Veteran Leader

David Little, US Air Force - Veteran Leader

Bryan Barrow, US Marine Corps - Veteran Leader