Keeping One Another Encouraged and Accountable

We Are #BetterTogether

This group is an opportunity for military veterans all over the world to come together for the purpose of encouragement, creating goals and being accountable to those goals.  It's one thing to say we want to do something, but when we have someone to be accountable to, we take it more seriously.  Goals go from being something we want to do, to something that is a priority.  

In the military we had someone we were accountable to and we had to present reports and debriefs on missions.  Let's apply that to our lives now.  Let's come together and speak our goals for the week and then keep one another encouraged in the Facebook Group throughout the week.  We can provide guidance, motivation and true accountability.  Be real with one another and be open to hearing things you may not want to hear, all for the purpose of growing and gaining strength in areas of your life.  

Download the Zoom App on your phone or go to the website by clicking the "JOIN HERE" button and Join Our Meeting with Meeting ID: 590-849-624 at 7:00am (PST) every Monday morning.  Then join our Facebook Group, Shockwave Veteran Accountability.

Be Purposeful About Living

The Facebook Group and Zoom Calls are personally ran by our Founders, Andrew Jones & CaS Facciponti. Take your life to the next level with accountability and goal setting. 

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