Veteran Suicide: Discussing the Social Stigma

What To Expect

Come prepared to hear the stories of several military veterans who have overcome the struggles associated with PTSD, depression, anxiety, suicidal behavior and more. They will be transparent and vulnerable for the purpose of spreading a message that no matter what one has been through or done, it is possible to find joy once again.  There is purpose and as veterans in our community, there is work to do.  

We will also provide quality education on how you can assist someone in crisis and how to spot the signs of suicidal behavior in your friends and loved ones.  These stories are powerful and will spark discussion on the topic of suicide in our veteran community.  We are excited to bring this event to the entire community and welcome all who wish to attend.  

Speakers Include: 

CaS Facciponti, USA Veteran

James Anderson, USN Veteran

Mike Montiel, USA Veteran

Vince Alonzo, USMC Veteran

Next event will be located in Chandler, AZ - Date is TBD. Stand by.

RSVP's are not required but are highly encouraged to guarantee a seat and to allow for quality preparation.