Andrew R. Jones

Andrew is a Marine Corps combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom,  participating in the Shock & Awe campaign in 2003 as an Anti-tank  Assaultman with Fox 2/23 attached to 1st Mar Div commanded by General  James "Chaos" Mattis. Andrew was inducted into the AZ Veteran's Hall of  Fame Class of 2017 and is the Best-selling Author of Healing the Warrior  Heart. After years of extreme suicidal behavior as a result of Combat  PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury and Major Depressive Disorder, Andrew once  again found joy in life and Founded Operation Shockwave to share his  story and to inspire veterans to choose life. Andrew previously served as the Veteran Outreach Coordinator for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention - Arizona, Project Manager for The Ripple Effect, Helping Veterans and Families Heal and served a Fellowship with The Mission Continues.  He is an active member of Love Life Church, in Glendale, AZ and leads a Men's Life  Group to sharpen other men in life with the word of God. He is blessed  with a beautiful and supportive wife and 2 sons and lives each day to be  an example to his family that it's possible to overcome any adversity.  

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