ANDREW JONES - Co-Founder/CEO/President of the Board

Andrew is a Marine Corps Combat Veteran, Author of Healing the Warrior Heart and AZ Veteran's Hall of Fame Inductee, Class of 2017. 

He served with Fox Co 2/23 as an 0351-Assaultman and deployed to Iraq in '03 with 1st Mar Div. When he returned home he began battling extreme symptoms of PTSD, leading to alcoholism, drug abuse, homelessness, jail time and pressing a gun to his head in 2007.  

He now leads Operation Shockwave in bringing a message of life to a community struggling in the dark. 

Co-Founder/Board Member/Leadership Trainer


CaS Facciponti, MSM MA

CaS is an Army combat veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom where she served as Military Police after graduating from the United States Military Academy in 2003.  After receiving the rank of Major and being medically discharged from injuries sustained in combat, CaS pursued a career at the Pentagon and then became head of security for the National Basketball Association.  Struggling with a lack of meaningful purpose in her life, she left her career and chose to pursue her passion in furthering her education and assisting military veterans in their transition out of the military.  She met Andrew and they immediately aligned with one another's mission and began pressing forward together.  Today, CaS is pursuing a PhD in Performance Psychology while providing training & education to Veteran Leaders in Operation Shockwave.  She lives in Chandler, AZ with her loving and supportive wife and furbabies.  

The Board of Directors

Tim Araiza, Vice President


Marine Corps son and sibling

Christine Payseno, Co-Founder, Treasurer


Air Force Wife, Army Mom

Judy Mellody, Secretary


Air Force Daughter

Veteran Leaders (LIONs)

Vince Alonzo


US Marine Corps & US Air Force

James Anderson


US Navy

Lani Ballard


US Army

Mike Montiel


US Army