Shockwave Leadership Unit

What are we all about?

An Operation Shockwave Leader is a person in our community that exemplifies our message of choosing life and becoming an example of success.  These are people who are transparent about the struggles they have endured and will share with others how they overcame the struggles and how they press forward each day with love in their heart and a fire in their soul.  

These are people who have shown a high level of commitment to Operation Shockwave by engaging in all we do and spreading our message of light and hope to a community struggling in the darkness.  These are people who have a fire burning in them to not just help veterans, but to engage in our community to support in all areas of need.  

Each Shockwave Leader will press forward each day by taking authority of their life, their mind and their space. They will take a stand against the enemy of their daily battles and they will TAKE THEIR LIFE to the next level and places they could only once imagine.  They will walk in boldness and confidence, displaying the traits of a L.I.O.N.

L - Love

I - Integrity

O - Optimism

N - Never Quit, Never Surrender

If you are interested in becoming an Operation Shockwave Leader and creating impacts in our community with powerful shockwaves, send an email to Andrew Jones at with a brief description of your background, and at least 2 questions about our Leadership Unit.  We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.  

Are you a LION?

It begins with engagement and relationship.  Come out and engage in what we do to see if we line up with what you are about.  Then let's build a relationship and go from there.  To get started on the journey, click APPLY HERE.