"One more day, every day!"


Sande Roberts, MA

Sande Roberts is a Certified Suicide Prevention Trainer of Trainers with over 25 years of experience in the Crisis Intervention Field.  She teaches  Psychology at Phoenix College and is the Author of We Need To Talk About Suicide.  

CaS Facciponti, MA MSM

CaS served in the Army as an MP and retired as a Major after sustaining injuries during a combat tour in Afghanistan. She is West Point Alumni and worked for the Pentagon and ran security for the NBA.  CaS has overcome many personal struggles with PTSD and brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to our team. She is also part of our original class of Operation Shockwave Veteran Leaders. 

James Anderson, US Navy, VLU Director

James Anderson is a Navy Veteran who is dedicated to his family and assisting veterans in our community.  He is ready, able and willing to rise up and take on any challenge when it comes to improving the lives of a fellow warrior and their loved ones.  James leads our Veteran Leadership Unit and engages in community outreach.