"The impact is immediate, and extremely important.  But it is the shockwave that carries the effect and shows the true power of the impact. Focus on the shockwave and watch the impacts become more powerful."

OpShock Veteran Leadership Unit


To seek out and train motivated veterans to be battle buddies for veterans in need of support.  


For every OpShock Leader to be known as a dedicated member of their community who is ready, able & willing to impact another veteran's life. 


Each year we will conduct various trainings and events to gather a group of dedicated veterans with a fiery passion to serve their fellow warriors and community at large.  

During the Fall, we will select a group of veterans to complete an intensive 2-day training that will solidify them as LEADERS in our organization.  This training will cover areas such as:

  • Suicide Prevention
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Leadership Mgmt & Ethical Reasoning
  • Personality Lingo Communication Styles
  • Vision and Message of Operation Shockwave

This is a Volunteer Position and all Leaders are expected to participate in trainings and events with Operation Shockwave and assist in community events and attend social gatherings to connect with other veterans.  Leaders may also be asked to present material at events and share their story in front of other veterans and service members to spread a message of hope & inspiration. 

If you have the heart and availability to take on this mission, contact Andrew Jones at ajones@operationshockwave.or